Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I visited this website library.thinkguest.org, that is talking about Food Taboos. First, i will interduse what is Food Taboos is called inviolable something you must not eat. It's different kind of food taboos, some of them are plain. The people has different opinion or laws such as in some societies you can't eat pork in the muslim communities, also Jews because you will be aganist the religions laws. Some people wants be in tradition his life.

this website was very iterested, that tell me a lot of information i didn't know about it, also i learned what is the different between the cultures and who are like eat food taboos and who are don't like it.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I went to website www.tornadoproject.com, it was small company talking about tornado information available to tornado and severe weather. I saw in this website many ways to know about tornado. On the left side in the website is available post, it was clear to see or read something about it. Also you can find some books,videos,stories and tee-shirts. In the part of past tornado the frist one I saw it, was April 11,1896. The united state gets about 1000 recorded tornado every day. Today, only a few killers. When you enter this website you can buy some tee-shirts, this interesting. The tornado project have been doing this 1970.
My opinion, it was very good website and well-ordered to find know or find some information about the rornado. I will try find some tee-shirt on written tornado. I saw the top tens in the tornado, and you can see also the rate for victimes people. I know some ways for tornado when the tornado coming and you inside the bulding you should go to besment and stay far away from the wendo or go to bathroom because in the bathroom pipes, and if you inside you'r car go outside you'r car stay far away. Most the people who killed from tornado who didn't know or not care about it, that's wrong you have to learn and ask some people about tornado. By the way in last week the warning about tornado worked and we was in the TOFEL class with mr.Levertt than mr.Levertt said to us we should go to besment than we went there and we found some people who are studying about the weather, than they open the internt and tell us iuctre about tornado, it's not in Carbondale after 40 min we left from the fenner.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Alternatives to Marriage

I went to a website www.unmarried.org, it's talking about the people who are living togther,living alone. There are currently about 11 million people living with a unmarried partner in the United State. The statistics`for American women's age 15-44 living an unmarried it's 41%. Unmarried different- sex couples, In the 2006, new statistics from alarge sample shaw that the majority 50.3% of adults are unmarried. In this article sttill talking about what people think about unmarried relationships. In this website also, you can buy something for a ligle guide for unmarried couples or legal guide for Lesbian and Gay gouples, they have some book talking about them. Also this is good point for this website you can contact to Alternatives marriage project. Finaly, I weil talking about the people living single like me, the a guarter of American adults live alone, if you want see some books for single you can visit this website and make the links for that.

When I read this website I learned a lot of people how they living in thier life. Defferent part of people some of them single,married, and I saw a lot of percet for the peolpe living alone or unmarried espicailty in United State. Also, interesting when you conect withe this people in this website or buy something. In fact I never been try that but, it was very nice.

Monday, March 5, 2007


This picture when I get the best player in Carbondale. I put it, because everybody asked me about it.

The Best Punishment

I went to a website; it talks about punishment to stop crimes. For example, when someone killed somebody they show people in the TV or newspaper and then no body will do it that. Also if the murderer sees capital punishment, he or she will be afraid from that. The death penalty should be normal punishment not very hard or not easy. Almost the ganister see the punishment, but I think we can't do anything about crime, or think about that. And there should be different punishment between the murders.

I like the punishment for the body any who does a crime, because when they take their punishment, the crimes won't published in the world. For that I agree with any country do it the best punishment for the people who did crimes. Also the punishment can save the life of the innocent people, but if the punishment is law, the crimes will be a lot. The punishment is very important for all the countries in the world.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I went tothe Johnnycash website. He entered life on February 26, 1932 in Kingsland,Arkansas. Johnnycash and June Carter were married on March 1, 1968. The history started 1932-2003. I saw in this website it looked nice: when I entered, it already opened nice music and pictures about Johnny Cash. He is artist and a famous singer, all people like him, but he has one problem, he uesd drugs. His wife's family are also artists, he has some of kind music about the people who live in prisons. Also he visited the prison to sing. He was arrested, but was released in short time. He has 7 sections in his website: also you can buy some tee-shirts from his website and on the tee-shirt is written his name, Johnny Cash. This is iteresting. Johnny Cash has in his website wonderful designs, you can also listen some music of Johnny Cash and watch the video clip. He is died in 2003.

When I read this website I felt interested, because everything was easy to watch and express our feelings, and it affects everybody. It's a very nice website and it's wonderfully famous. l will buy one tee-shirt from this website, he has good personalty.

Monday, February 26, 2007


This is Mr. Leverett when he came to the Saudi National Day. He wore some of kind the clothing of Saudi Arabia. It's name is (SHAMG). He teaches high level at CESL. He is serious teacher in the class. If he starts teaching in the class every student in the class is excited with him; because he likes to see everyone talking and learn. I know about him, he likes to drink coffee every morrning, and he likes talking about crime, also he likes reading in the weblog. I like write something in the weblog, because he teaches me that. I like you and i hope teach me next level if i pass.